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We offer a specialist alloy wheel welding repair service in London and surrounding areas.

This service is mobile or we can offer a pick up and drop off service. 

If you have a cracked alloy wheel that you would like repaired, email a picture to precisionweldingenquiries@gmail.com and we will be able to confirm within the same working day if it can be repaired and provide a quote.

In most cases cracks or breaks in alloy wheels can be repaired. Our welders have extensive experience in repairing alloy wheels safely and efficiently. 

Our process for repairing alloy wheels is to firstly inspect the damaged area of the wheel and then prepare the crack welding. Next we cut the crack to provide a clean welding area to prepare for a contamination free weld. After this we drill a whole at the end of the crack to prevent it spreading further. We then machine the crack to ensure proper weld penetration. For this type of welding process we use a special welding rod for aluminum alloy to ensure the welding area is strong and flexible. We then proceed with the weld to repair the crack. To complete the repair we use a TIG welding machine on AC. We finish the process by machining the inside and outside of the wheel to ensure a smooth finish. 

Alloy Wheel welding process
Alloy Wheel Welding
Welded Mercedes alloy wheel
Welded Mercedes Alloy Wheel